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(If possible, please supply us an OFFICIAL High School Transcript or GED score upon Application.)

(Federal Financial Aid/ Title IV funding is not available for this program.)

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I give permission to The Healthcare Institute, Inc and it's representatives to contact previous employers, schools, agencies, and other institutions, in order to obtain information about my background. Further I give permission for The Healthcare Institute, Inc to perform a background check of my arrest record and to perform, drug test and TB skin test.

The Healthcare Institute, Inc has my permission to release my information, including, but not limited to grades, attendance records, background check and drug test to potential employers and to sponsoring agencies or parties. I hold The Healthcare Institute, Inc. harmless from any liability associated with the obtaining or the release of information.

I acknowledge that I have received the Student Handbook.

Admissions Requirements

Applications will not be considered until all of the following documents are received. You may scan and upload them here or you may bring to our office at 7253 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125.


TRANSFERABILITY OF CREDIT Previous training in any health care field will not replace any material covered in this program. The Training Program is a private, special purpose program. This purpose does not include preparing students for further college study. Participation in the training program does not constitute a guarantee that credits will transfer to another institution. Students should be aware that transfer of credit is always the responsibility of the receiving institution. Whether or not credits transfer is solely up to the receiving institution. Any student interested in transferring credit hours should check with the receiving institution directly to determine to what extent, if any, credit hours can be transferred.

PROGRAM DATA I have been informed of the withdrawal rate, completion rate, and in-field placement rate for The Healthcare Institute Inc. During the next available reporting period, detailed statistical data for this program may be viewed by going to

GRIEVANCE I realize that any grievances not resolved on the institutional level may be forwarded to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Nashville, TN 37243-0830, (615) 741-5293.

WITHDRAWAL/TERMINATION/REFUNDS Date of withdrawal/termination will be the date on the termination notice if terminated, the date the institution receives a written withdrawal notice, or if no written notice is given, the last day of attendance. For tuition paid by student assistance programs, The Healthcare Institute, Inc will adhere to the refund policy prescribed by the sponsor. For a student whose tuition is not paid through a sponsoring agency, the following formula will be used to determine the amount of refund:

Withdrawal on/before first day of class, or failure to begin class: Full refund minus $100 administrative fee;

Withdrawal prior to 10% completion: 75% refund minus $100 administrative fee;

After the expiration of 10% and before the expiration of 25% completion: 25% refund minus $100 administrative fee;

Withdrawal beyond 25% completion: No refund

Any student who is unable to complete class because the institution discontinued such class during a period of enrollment for which the student was charged will receive a full refund.

By signing below, I confirm my enrollment in the Training Program of The Healthcare Institute Inc , and agree to comply with all policies of the school, as stated in the Course Catalog. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Healthcare Institute, Inc, its employees, agents, sponsors, and externship representatives from any and all actions, causes of action, or claims of legal nature during my participation in activities in the classroom, skills lab, clinical experience, externship, or other activities. I give consent for my photograph to be taken and used in promotional materials for the school. I represent that I am in such physical condition as to allow me to participate fully in all activities of the program. I agree to notify the institution of any disability I may have that falls under the American Disability Act and requires reasonable accommodations and/or assistance with evacuation in an emergency.
The Healthcare Institute (THI) does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify/expression, disability age, status as a covered veteran, genetic information and any other category protected by federal or state civil rights law with respect to all employment, programs and activities sponsored by THI.