EL II Application for Admission - For EL I Graduates from Other MACTE Approved Programs


$100 non-refundable application fee due with submission

  • Elementary I Teacher Certification by MACTE accredited provider other than Age of Montessori.

  • Successful completion of Age of Montessori's EL I-II Online Academic Course is required for EL II Certification through Age of Montessori. (This course, which is included in the EL II Certification Program tuition, can be completed before or after the required in-person EL II residency. Please contact Admissions for details.)

Elementary II (ages 9-12) Certification Program

This Program includes:

  • Age of Montessori EL I-II Online Academic Course (8 months)

  • Summer Residency of one and one half weeks (60 hours) at the location designated by Age of Montessori.
    Residency location to be determined annually based upon enrollments.

  • EL II Teacher Manuals


Call: (406) 284‐2160 or Email: admissions@ageofmontessori.org

Personal Information

PLEASE NOTE: Only required for US citizens

Contact Information


Provide name & location.

If not readily available, you may email at a later time to admissions@ageofmontessori.org

Technology Requirements

Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computer with high speed internet access, email, word processing, videoconferencing software (Zoom), video camera, current anti‐virus software (such as AVG, McAfee or Norton); additional software, obtained free from: Adobe Acrobat Reader: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Computer Skills Required

Ability to:

  • Connect to and navigate the Internet using a browser
  • Send, receive, and add attachments to email
  • Basic word processing
  • Open, save, and manage files
  • Watch videos
  • Use video conferencing software (Zoom)

Pricing Details

Age of Montessori Elementary II Certification (non-AoM EL I Certification)

Tuition includes:

  • Age of Montessori EL I-II Online Academic Course
  • In-Person Summer Residency in the US (Residency location to be determined annually based on enrollments. Potential location includes Bozeman, Montana.)
  • EL II Teacher Manuals
Tuition PLAN A: Due before program start date
One payment $4,885.00
Tuition PLAN B: Two payments
Due before program start date $2,442.50
Due 2 months after start date $2,442.50
Total Tuition $4,885.00
*Declined/late payment or modification fees, if any,
will be charged separately.


Both the student and any other party responsible for payments should read all the provisions of this Contract and then:

  • Fill in the required information.
  • Select your Payment Plan.
  • If applicable, complete the Autocharge opt-in or opt-out for tuition payments.
  • Sign the Contract.
  • Click on “Submit Application.”

The undersigned agrees to pay the required Tuition for the Elementary II Program and any additional fees incurred and agrees to be bound by the provisions of this Contract. Certificates of completion are withheld until tuition is paid in full.

Tuitions are subject to change without notice. Use of an older Tuition Contract form does not mean older tuitions apply; current tuitions apply in all cases.

AoM is a MACTE-accredited organization and offers MACTE certifications. AoM is responsible for delivering the curriculum as described above in the time frame stipulated. Applicants of this education receive an Upper Elementary Certificate for completion of the EL II curriculum. Proof of Lower Elementary (EL I) certification is required to receive this certification.

I Understand and Accept the Following:

  1. As an AoM student, I am choosing to complete the Elementary II (EL II) Program, which prepares me to teach in the Elementary Montessori school environment throughout the United States.
  2. The courses offered to me are part of a pre-defined scope and sequence of the EL II Program. I understand that the program content is prescribed in my AoM Program. I also accept that I must meet all pre-requisites and other eligibility requirements prior to enrollment.
  3. As a student of AoM, I am subject to the AoM policies and procedures regarding performance, work, academic standing, kindness and respect of staff and students, including materials contained within the Student Handbook. By entering into this Contract, I agree to comply with the AoM policies, practices, and procedures therein. The Student Handbook includes practices and procedures governing my performance, and this agreement covers costs and payment of fees.
  4. It is my responsibility to see that tuition fees and other charges are paid when due. I am responsible for non-payment even if tuition and fees are being paid by a third party. I agree to pay fees in U.S. currency. International bank drafts must account for currency exchange differences.
  5. Options for paying Tuition include: 1) Payment in full at the time of enrollment (Plan A); or 2) two equal payments as explained in the Pricing Details of this application (Plan B).; a customized payment plan if pre-approved (Plan C). These terms apply for the duration of the selected Payment Plan:
    1. A $25 fee is added to the Tuition balance for declined, missed, or late payments.
    2. For Payment Plan B or C, I understand that I may enter payments manually by setting up an online Payment Portal and logging in on or before the due date to make my payments; or I may contact AoM to provide my credit or debit card information on or before the date the payment is due.
    3. Delays in attendance, hiatus or leave of absence do not affect the ongoing nature of a payment plan. All payments are required to be made as agreed until tuition is paid in full, including any additional fees. A leave of absence for any reason does not terminate or otherwise postpone tuition due. The sequence of payments shall be made as contracted or the full balance becomes due and payable.
    4. The EL II Residency of three weeks requires the physical presence of the enrollee. Once checked in at Residency, there is no refund of fees or tuition. Should enrollee become ill or unable to complete Residency, a future Residency shall be made available for completion of the Program. I agree to the stipulated no-refund policy referred to herein.
  6. In the case of a third party paying the tuition and fees, I understand that an unpaid balance may result in temporary or permanent termination of enrollment. Certificates of completion are withheld until tuition is paid in full. In the case of Tuition paid by a sponsoring school, certificates shall be delivered only to the school to be distributed to me according to the internal/private terms of employment with the sponsoring school. The school sponsoring my tuition contract in part or in whole shall be entitled to and receive directly from AoM my proof of completion or other information of my performance.
  7. If I withdraw before the start date of the Program, AoM must receive written request within three days of signing this contract. All tuition paid less a $50 handling fee will be refunded. After the Residency start date, no refund is made.
  8. I agree that I am responsible for my tuition balance until paid in full regardless of tuition sponsor, status, performance, completion, and so forth.
  9. If I withdraw and payment of fees and tuitions have been made, I may request admission to a subsequent program to complete the EL II Program.
  10. This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Montana. All disputes shall be submitted to arbitration in the State of Montana.

By signing below, I agree that:

The information given in this application and tuition agreement form is true and correct. I understand that intentionally providing false information may constitute fraud and can result in forfeiture of any monies or tuitions paid, as well as revocation of an awarded certificate. I understand that if I am accepted in the Elementary II Program I am jointly responsible for payment and that payments will be made in the agreed upon manner. I reiterate agreement to the refund policy in this Contract. I understand that an unpaid balance may result in termination of enrollment and/or delay in completion of Program requirements. I shall receive my EL II Teacher Certificate after I successfully complete course work and all balances due are paid.

Check all that apply.

Please type your name as well as sign.

Tuition Sponsor (if applicable)

Please provide accurate phone and email information for your tuition sponsor. Age of Montessori will contact your sponsor and send your completed application to add their signature to the Tuition Contract.

Please type your name as well as sign.

What Happens When You Submit Your Application

  • After you submit your application, you will be contacted by a faculty member to schedule an interview by phone or by Zoom at a mutually convenient time.

  • If you have any financial questions prior to submitting your application, especially if a sponsor will be paying all or part of your tuition, please contact Financial Services: financialservices@ageofmontessori.org or (406) 284-2160.

  • After your interview and acceptance, your tuition payment may be made at any time up to the start date of your program. You will be allowed to enter your program after the tuition payment has been made.

  • A $100 non-refundable fee is due when you submit your application. Enter the code shown below. Then select "Submit Application" to proceed to the payment window.