Elementary I Application for Admission - PART 1


$100 non-refundable application fee due with submission


  • Full Certification requires a bachelor’s degree. Graduates are awarded a Montessori Elementary I Teaching Certificate.

4 Steps to Certification

  1. Online study: 8 months

  2. In‐person Summer Residency: 3 weeks, location and dates to be determined (120 hrs.)

  3. Student teaching (Internship/Practicum) at a Montessori school local to you: 9 months

  4. Final Practical Exam


Call: (406) 284‐2160 or Email: admissions@ageofmontessori.org

Personal Information

PLEASE NOTE: Only required for US citizens

Contact Information


Copy is acceptable. If not readily available, you may email at a later time to admissions@ageofmontessori.org



Write at least 300 words in English to tell us why you desire training in Montessori education. Use 12‐point font on letter‐sized paper, and include your name at the top of the page.


Please provide two (2) references from non-relatives. Click to download the required Reference Form. Upload the completed forms below. You may also email the completed forms at a later time to admissions@ageofmontessori.org.

Technology Requirements

Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computer with high speed internet access, email, word processing, videoconferencing software (Zoom), video camera, current anti‐virus software (such as AVG, McAfee or Norton); Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Computer Skills Required

Ability to:

  • Connect to and navigate the Internet using a browser
  • Send, receive, and add attachments to email
  • Basic word processing
  • Open, save, and manage files
  • Watch videos
  • Use video conferencing software (Zoom)

Tuition Overview

Tuition PLAN A: One Payment of $8,330
Due before program start date

Tuition PLAN B: Installment Plan $8,630

Down Payment $2,000
Setup & Admin. Fee $300
Due before program start date $2,300

$422.00 paid monthly for 15 months

(Charged to your credit/debit account on the 15th
of each month.)

*Declined/late payment or modification fees, if any,
will be charged separately.

What Happens When You Submit Part 1

  • A $100 non-refundable application fee is due with your application.

  • After you submit this portion of the application, you will be contacted by a faculty member to schedule an interview by phone or by Zoom at a mutually convenient time.

  • Application Part 2: If you are accepted as a student, you will receive an email directing you to Part 2 to select your payment plan and sign your Tuition Contract. Part 2 should then be completed as soon as possible, especially if a sponsor will be paying all or part of your tuition. If you have any questions prior to completing Part 2, please contact Financial Services: financialservices@ageofmontessori.org or (406) 284-2160.

  • After completing Part 2, your tuition payment may be made at any time up to the start date of your program. You will be allowed to enter your program after the tuition payment has been made.