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Applying to NCCAT

Who is Eligible? North Carolina certified pre-K through 12th grade teachers who are employed in North Carolina public schools, including charter schools, are eligible to attend NCCAT programs. (This may include school administrators, counselors, library media specialists, lead teachers, and mentors.) 

Please check with your principal prior to applying to be sure your travel/substitute teacher costs will be covered by your school.

What is Provided? NCCAT provides your food, lodging and programming. Teachers and/or their districts are responsible for travel and substitute teacher costs.

How Do I Submit an Application? Select the events you wish to apply for in the shopping cart below.

How Do I Know If I've Been Accepted? Once we have received your completed application, we will email notification of your placement status to you as well as your principal/director.

Questions? Please contact NCCAT Teacher Services by phone 828-293-5202 or email

15386 15386 Strengthening our Core in the Math Classroom

Effective core instruction begins with understanding students needs along with a classroom structure that provides time for targeted instruction. This program will explore how the math block can be designed to provide differentiated core instruction and best practices to effectively group students based on learning needs. Avenues for helping students develop strong number sense will be integrated, as well as resources for providing Tier 2 interventions. Join this program to vertically collaborate with colleagues, develop new ideas for structuring your math classroom, and explore resources to meet the needs of all students in our classrooms. This program is intended for math teachers of grades 4-8.

No classes are being offered at this time for this course.